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Our ‘Plus Service’ range combines an independent medical examination (IME) performed by a Medical Specialist with a customised functional capacity evaluation (FCELite) which is performed by an Occupational Therapist to improve the accuracy of information used to assess an individual’s functional capacity.


Simply put, it’s an IME + FCELite = enhanced outcome for the individual. Most specialties can be used in conjunction with Plus Service, with the most commonly used being: 

Ortho+ | Neuro+ | OEP+ | Psych+ | Rehab+



Red Health’s ‘Plus Service’ marries a simplified version of a functional capacity evaluation known as an FCELite to an independent medical examination. The FCELite is focused on a smaller number of questions relating to key areas such as work capacity, activities of daily living and ergonomic needs, as opposed to a comprehensive FCE which covers all assessment domains. It provides responses to these key areas using real-time and measured evidence from functional testing and/or observations of the individual. From there, the FCELite report is issued to the Medical Specialist which is utilised in providing their opinion.

The Plus Services are delivered in collaboration with Red Health’s sister company, the Flexiwell Group, which specialise in Occupational Health Services.

With an FCELite report, the Medical Specialist gets real-time, measured evidence that can be relied upon to determine the true impact on an individual’s work capacity.



  1. Cost savings by obtaining only the relevant evidence needed

  2. Real-time and measured evidence on an individual’s functional capacity

  3. Provides indicators where full comprehensive FCE would be worthwhile - should this not be evident from the start

  4. Improves report quality and reliability of expert opinion


"Ortho+ offered a valuable 2 in 1 one service. It allowed us to get our usual full orthopaedic review while also obtaining a preliminary view from an OT on care and economic loss. It also potentially saves the client valuable time by seeing two experts at the same time. It is also very reasonably priced.

We can determine the prospects of our client being successful in proving a claim for care without having to pay for a full OT review. In addition, it gives us the value of the experts being able to comment on each report where we would usually have to obtain a supplementary report from an orthopaedic surgeon to obtain any comments about an OT report."

(Solicitor, National Law Firm)

"Having the expertise of specialists from a dual perspective is invaluable. Having this service is also a cost-saving and a massive time saver. Having access to an Orthopaedic Surgeon and an Occupational Therapist is weighted more highly than that of an Occupational Physician. I would highly recommend this product."

(Solicitor, National Law Firm)