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Ortho+ combines an independent medical examination, performed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a customised functional capacity evaluation (FCElite) which is performed by an Occupational Therapist.


The Orthopaedic Surgeon will use the results of the FCElite to support the responses for work capacity and activities of daily living questions which are commonly asked in claims related to personal injury and superannuation claims. Following the assessment, you will receive an IME report which is authored by the Orthopaedic Surgeon complimented by the results of the FCElite.


Ortho+ is designed to improve the accuracy of information used in the assessment of an individual’s functional capacity and any limitations or restrictions with their paid employment, activities of daily living (ADLs), leisure, social interaction and volunteer work



FCElite is a customised functional capacity evaluation which involves the following:


  • Professional observation of an individual undertaking a series of practical tasks in a controlled environment, gradually increasing the physical demands of each function.


  • Observation of physical and behavioural responses to assist in determining safe capacity to perform occupation.


  • The review of tasks undertaken that relate to functional work demands such as walking, reaching, sitting, pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying.


  • Observation of physical signs/symptoms and capacities in relation to the individual’s quality of movement, lifting techniques, use of supports, range of motion of joints, muscle usage, muscle wasting, oedema (swelling), sensory loss, grip strength, skin changes, muscle tension, joint laxity/instability, balance and palpitation of muscle tightness/spasm.


  • Comparison of pre-injury work history and the functional demands of those roles, in comparison to the individual’s functional capacities and current participation in occupation; any meaningful activity including activities of daily living, leisure, social interaction and volunteer work and paid employment