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Red Health is an Australian Owned and Operated company, so we pride ourselves on our national coverage.


Red Health provides Medico-Legal services throughout Australia, and boasts the most comprehensive Medico-Legal coverage in Queensland. 

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Red Health provides clients with unparalleled levels of service, proactive case management and express report delivery all at a competitive rate. 


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Independent Medical Examinations

An Independent Medical Examination or IME is commonly used to identify the effects of an injury or illness (physical or psychological) on an individual following an incident or onset.
In most cases a physical assessment of the individual is conducted by a medical specialist or allied health professional and they provide their expert opinion regarding the effects that an injury or illness (physical or psychological) has had on an individual.
Our IME’s include permanent impairment assessment and can be calculated under many different schemes and guides.

Return to Work Assessments

This assessment is aimed to provide clarity regarding an employee’s capacity to perform their designated role at work. A Fitness for Duty assessment is commonly requested in non-compensable medical conditions of employees and will assist with the management of their capacity to return to work.

Video Link Psychological Assessments

RedConnect makes psychological assessments in regional, remote or international locations a breeze. By way of a secured video-conferencing service, RedConnect can help facilitate an assessment in what may be difficult circumstances due to an individual’s psychological condition, location, costs and timeframes.

Expert Witness

All of our medical specialists are committed to providing expert witness services when required.

File Reviews, Second Opinions, Joint Reports and Multi-Disciplinary Panels

These type of services can assist in complex matters, where a dispute may exist or where mixed medical opinions have been given in a matter. The services can be arranged in many ways and may involve a file review of documentation followed by a phone call to you and written report, or multiple assessments by separate medical specialists with a combine report.
Red Health uses a consultative approach and will obtain information from you to help ascertain the right service that suits the circumstances. This is a specialised service and offers you a customised approach to obtaining clarity.

Complimentary Advisory Services

Are you not sure what service you need? We are here to help by listening and providing guidance on the options that are available to you.