Video Link Assessments

What Device?

Desktop / Laptop

If connecting from a Desktop PC or Laptop you will need to ensure you have either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers installed.

Mozilla Download: 

Chrome Download: 

Once you receive the link via email for performing the test open the link in one of the above mentioned browsers at your allocated test time

You will then be brought to a page that looks like the below, enter your name and click continue

Once you have entered your name and clicked 'Continue' you will be prompted to allow both your microphone and webcam.Click allow.

Allow Microphone and Cam Small.JPG
Allow Microphone and Cam.JPG

After you have allowed those permissions you should see a display of yourself.Then click 'Join Now'

Self preview.jpg

When you join into the meeting you should be able to see yourself in the bottom right hand corner

In Appointment preview.jpg

Next to your name you can see green bars move based on the sound you make.

If these bars are moving that means your microphone is working perfectly and the test has been successful.

If the bar is flat while you're talking you may need to unplug your microphone and plug it back in, if this problem still persists call us for assistance.

Shortly after you join a Red Health staff member will be notified that you joined and completed the test by yourself.


After you leave you will receive a pre scheduled link for your appointment which you will use for your booked appointment date and time.


Any Issues connecting call 1300 100 733


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