Video Link Assessments


Our RedConnect service enables assessments to take place by Video Link. The software we use is secured and is licensed to Red Health ensuring your client’s privacy is protected at all times. Red Health provides set-up assistance and will test the Video Link prior to the assessment taking place. RedConnect is fast becoming the solution for under-resourced regional areas, and where travel is not possible due to medical restrictions.



• Specialist access is dramatically improved.

• Suited to claimants with psychological barriers or travel restraints.

• Increased appointment availability.

• Avoid travel costs.

• Easy installation and setup, fully supported by Red Health.

• Suitable for the Assessment of Psychological and Physical Conditions


  1. Appointments are booked in the usual way through Red Health via phone, email or online.

  2. Advise the Client Services Officer that you require a Video Link Assessment.

  3. Once the appointment is arranged a confirmation email and Video Link consent form will be sent to you

  4. For international Video Link’s, a copy the claimants’ passport or driver’s license is required before the assessment for identification purposes.

  5. Prior to the appointment taking place, Red Health will test the Video Link by mailing a link to the claimant. We will pre-arrange this with you.

  6. On the day of the appointment, Red Health will email a link to connect 15-20 mins prior to the assessment.

  7. Your client clicks on the link, the small program installs and connects to the host of the meeting (Red Health).

  8. Assessment is now in progress.

RedConnect requires the following:
• Laptop or desktop computer with a microphone, speakers and webcam.
• Internet connection either by ethernet or wireless.
• An email address.

The process of organising a RedConnect assessment is easy. Call our Client Services Team on 1300 100 RED (733) and they will help you with the rest.